We're flying in their planes, and talking with their leadership, their pilots, their maintenance crews and their customers. This is how you build trust. This trust is why we will be the category leader in our industry.

Ampaire has LOI's from over a dozen regional airlines around the globe. They don't want to wait for new electric planes, they want to fly our retrofits much sooner.

We've partnered with Mokulele Airlines in Hawaii to fly our retrofitted planes on their routes, with their pilots, for hundreds of flight hours. This will be the world's first operational demonstration of an electrified aircraft by a commercial operator.


startup networks

We're backed by the world's top startup networks in our industry. Including Techstars, Elemental Excelerator, Starburst, and the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubators.


international awards

Our international awards include Top Aerospace Startup, Top Electrification Startup , Top 100 Cleantech Startup and Future Unicorn.


government contracts

We have research and development contracts from NASA and the USAF. We work closely with representatives from regulatory agencies like the FAA.

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