Press Release - Personal Airline Exchange Announces Order for Ampaire Electric Aircraft

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Personal Airline Exchange Announces Order for Ampaire Electric Aircraft

Air Service Provider Intends to Use the Aircraft to Expand its On-Demand Charter Service


Paris, France. (June 18th, 2019) – On the coattails of Ampaire’s successful flight tests, Personal Airline Exchange (PAX) has placed an order for 50 Ampaire Electric EEL commuter aircraft, with options for 50 additional electrified planes. PAX also intends to immediately acquire two upgraded aircraft from Ampaire to kickstart initial operations prior to hybrid conversion.


Ampaire is electrifying trusted, certified aircraft for customers like PAX to enable rapid market entry and transformational economics for operators. “Ampaire’s Electric EEL pre-production prototype is flying right now and performing beautifully,” said Ampaire’s CEO Kevin Noertker, “We look forward to operators being able to share the thrill of flying electric.” Ampaire’s Electric EEL is the highest capacity electrified aircraft ever to take to the skies. In the wings is a second aircraft which will demonstrate daily flight operations on a commercial route in Hawaii - a world first.  For its commercial customers, Ampaire is targeting certifying its Electric EEL product in 2021.

Ampaire’s hybrid aircraft will help PAX service thousands of airports of all sizes with industry-leading operating costs. PAX CEO Mike Azzarello states that “The Personal Airline is about ‘anywhere-to-anywhere’ travel convenience at costs comparable to driving, Ampaire’s hybrid aircraft solutions empower PAX to achieve this goal sooner and scale faster.”  By offering service to small airports as ‘per-seat, on-demand’ air travel, PAX delivers a true walk-on, walk-off service for regional travel, without the hassles of flying through crowded hubs or driving on congested freeways. PAX intends to initially pilot its service with Ampaire’s aircraft in Southern California before scaling nationwide.


Furthermore, PAX has announced its intention to reserve up to the first 1,000 Ampaire TailWind revolutionary electric jets. These new design aircraft will leverage proven propulsion technology from Ampaire’s retrofit aircraft in order to enable a step change in aircraft performance, passenger comfort, and operating economics.


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About PAX

The Personal Airline Exchange is a platform that links passengers and Part 135 charter operators- the first scalable solution for on-demand travel. PAX uses behavioral economics and artificial intelligence to create efficient shared flights, making them available on a per-seat basis.

About Ampaire

Ampaire is leading the charge in aircraft electrification. The Los Angeles based company is on a mission to be the world’s most trusted developer of practical and compelling electric aircraft. To start, Ampaire is retrofitting existing passenger aircraft to electric. It’s the leanest, fastest, most capital efficient approach to making commercial electric air travel a reality. Ampaire’s vision is to make flights more accessible to more people from more airports by providing electric aircraft that are safe, clean, quiet, and less costly to operate.


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