Asana blog - 6 Asana-powered company leaders who are saving our environment

Growing up in the Utah mountains, Kevin Noertker was surrounded by crisp clean air and clear blue skies.  His childhood dream of becoming an astronaut motivated him to join NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and, later, Northrop Grumman’s R&D arm, where he ran multi-million dollar aircraft and satellite programs. Motivated to ensure that Utah—and the world’s—blue skies remain intact, Kevin and colleague Cory Combs wanted to launch a company that operated at the forefront of technological innovation and environmental sustainability. Their answer is Ampaire, which aims to provide the world with all-electric powered commercial flights that are affordable, quiet, and environmentally conscious.

Today, the commercial airline industry attacks our atmosphere with 800 million tons of CO2 annually. In California where Ampaire is based, small aircraft emit 70,000 pounds of lead, 1,700 tons of NOx,and 90,000 lbs of particulate matter each year. Ampaire’s aircraft solve these attacks, with fully electric operations reducing emissions on short-haul flights by 99%, noise by 66%, and operating costs by 25%. WED holds an especially special meaning for Kevin. He explains, “We are not going to fix the issues of our world by doing business as usual. Global events like World Environment Day are important opportunities for us to expand the conversation outside of the bubble we sometimes live in and become a global community.”

Kevin and his team rely on Asana as a central task management system. For Kevin, Asana has been particularly impactful in on-boarding new hires. Kevin builds out each hire’s job roadmap as an Asana project, with task references to areas of responsibilities and internal resources. Asana provides critical context as to why work is being done and who is responsible for it. It instills a sense of ownership and accountability that empowers team members with a deep sense of purpose and motivation. When you’re paving the way for the future of travel and combating global warming simultaneously, a clear sense of mission is a prerequisite for success.

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