“Why we don’t have electric planes yet”

“Leading the charge in electric aviation”

“Electric-Powered Airplanes Are Headed for Takeoff”

“Why One Electric-Aircraft Pioneer Believes Jet Engines Are the Best Path to the Future”

“Electro.Aero presents DC charging for electric aircraft”

“Urban Air Mobility Already Has 200 eVTOL Designs”

“6 electric aviation companies to watch”

“Ampaire Preparing to Test Electric EEL in Partnership with Mokulele Airlines”

“Green for Take Off - Inside the Electric Airplane Industry”

“Who can it be now? Revolution news #44”

“Tests to begin on Ampaire electric hybrid passenger airplane”

"Ampaire CEO Kevin Noertker on Electric Hybrid aircraft"

“Ampaire and the Electrification of Air Transportation”

“Personal Airline Exchange Orders 50 Ampaire EEL Hybrid Electric Commuter Airplanes”

“Personal Airline Exchange (PAX) Just Placed an Order for 50 Ampaire EEL Electric Aircraft”

“Personal Airline Exchange Orders 50 Ampaire Electric Aircraft for On-Demand Charter Service”

“LA-Based Ampaire’s Test Flight Pushes Commercial Hybrid-Electric Airplanes Closer to Reality”

“LA-Based Ampaire’s Test Flight Pushes Commercial Hybrid-Electric Airplanes Closer to Reality”

“Californian Start Up Successfully Flies Hybrid Electric Aircraft”

“World’s largest plane with a fuel saving electric-hybrid propulsion has just been test flown”

“Ampaire Test-Flies World’s Biggest Electric Plane”

“Largest Ever Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Takes Flight—And Airlines Are Already Expressing Interest”

“Ampaire Demonstrates Hybrid Motor with Public Flight”

“California’s Ampaire Demonstrates Parallel Hybrid Cessna 337”

“Largest hybrid-electric plane designed for commercial use completes test flight”

2019 Archive

2019 Archive

2021 Archive

2021 Archive

"On Becoming a 2021 TED Fellow - An opportunity to spread the word about electric aviation"

"Hybrid Electric Aviation Pioneer Ampaire To Be Acquired By Surf Air"

"Surf Air Mobility Announces Entry Into Definitive Agreement To Acquire Electric Aviation Pioneer Ampaire"

"Dr. Ed Lovelace—An Electrical Engineering Powerhouse—Joins as CTO"

"ANALYSIS: Hybridize To Revitalize"

2020 Archive

2020 Archive

"Ampaire Flies Milestone Hawaiian Route With Hybrid-Electric Aircraft"

"Ampaire Takes Flight for a World First in Sustainable Aviation"

"Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Conducts First Flight Trials on Maui"

"Electric airplanes are getting tantalizingly close to a commercial breakthrough"

"Like a Prius, but with wings"

"This hybrid-airplane flies like a Prius"

"Ampaire's Electric EEL Skymaster Makes Longest Flight Yet"

“A Day In The Life of Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at Ampaire, Inc.”

“A Day In The Life of Associate Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer at Ampaire, Inc”

“Powering Innovation: Ampaire powers air travel with environmentally-friendly, high efficiency electric power systems”

“The Ampaire EEL Hybrid - It Doesn’t Need Roads Where It’s Going”

“Los aviones eléctricos son el futuro de la aviación, pero los ingenieros aún tienen que superar 2 problemas clave”

“LAEDC Future Forum: Future of Electric Transportation in Los Angeles”

“The future of aviation will be greener and faster than ever before”

“Why We Still Don’t Have Electric Planes”

“Nine companies making electric planes that could make aviation greener”

"Poll: What is your comfort level with flying a hybrid-electric aircraft on a regional route?"

"Aviation Daily Roundup: September 14"

“Do Aircraft OEMs Work Horizontally With Electric-Engine Manufacturers?”

“Electric Airplanes Promise Cleaner, Quieter Regional Air Travel”

Video: “Why Electric Planes Haven’t Taken Off Yet”

“Ampaire Flies Second Hybrid Prototype Before Hawaii Route Trials”

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