Ampaire takes flight with the highest capacity electric aircraft ever flown.

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Our mission is to be the world’s most trusted developer of practical, compelling electric aircraft.


Ampaire is making flying more accessible to more people from more airports by developing electric aircraft that are less costly, safe, clean, and quiet.


While others are still in development, we’re in the air.

We have an electric hybrid plane in the air now.

We have the tech now.

We will be certified years ahead of our competition.

We will be first to enter commercial production.

We will be first to enter into commercial service.


“There’s nothing wrong with blue skying it.
As long as you’re actually up there when you’re doing it.” 


People are taking notice.

Ampaire is winning international awards, we're backed by the world's top startup networks in our industry, we have government contracts for research and development, and we’re working closely with the FAA.


The Third Revolution in Aviation has begun.


And it’s going to be electric.


Electric aircraft vs. fossil fuel aircraft:


The opportunity is huge. Switching to electric expands the number of viable destinations by ten times - from 500 to 5000 airports in the U.S. alone. Similar expansion can happen all across the globe.

People from smaller towns will no longer have to endure long hours on the road to their destinations or to an airport to get to a meeting, a hospital, or to grandma’s.


Regional airlines will thank us.

Regional airlines struggling to be profitable due to high operating costs and those that only survive thanks to government subsidies will once again thrive.


And so will our planet.

We can finally put an end to the commercial airline industry dumping 800 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. In California alone, small aircraft emit 70,000 pounds of lead, 1,700 tons of NOx , 90,000 pounds of particulate matter annually.

“Our heads may be in the clouds,
but our feet are on the ground.”


Our Flight Plan

Our pragmatic, step-by-step, scalable plan gives us the fastest, leanest pathway to quiet, clean, safe, reliable, affordable commercial electric aircraft in the shortest time possible.

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It’s the leanest, fastest, most capital efficient approach to making commercial electric air travel a reality.  And it starts with retrofits. 

We are transforming existing passenger planes to electric. Our first twin-engine plane has a combustion engine in the nose and an electric engine in the tail, providing redundancy and improved levels of safety. 




Our mission is to be the world’s most trusted developer of practical, compelling electric aircraft.  And we’ve built the team to get it done.

The Ampaire team brings expertise from top institutions across the electric vehicle and aerospace industries and includes former executives from Boeing and GM’s EV Division.



Sharing our Airspace

The airlines we work with aren’t just our customers, they’re our collaborators.  We’re right there with them in the copilot seat.

We're flying in their planes and talking with their leadership, their pilots, their maintenance crews and their customers.


Ampaire has LOIs from regional airlines around the globe.  And we've partnered with Mokulele Airlines in Hawaii to fly our retrofitted planes on their routes - the world's first operational demonstration of electrified aircraft by a commercial operator. 





Careers at Ampaire

Interested in a career with Ampaire? If you have expertise in aircraft design or electrical vehicles, Ampaire is always seeking top talent to add to our crew.

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